Aidy was sprung from the shelter thanks to ODH last June, after waiting 3 months for a potential adopter. She is a 10 year old Chiweenie with a bad heart and a big appetite!

Aidy needed to lose a few pounds and fortunately has found a new passion in walking and hiking. We go slow but the pounds have dropped off and the exercise has allowed her to keep snacking–a win win!

Little Aidy is wiggly, affectionate and a fierce protector of her yard. She makes us laugh every day and her reports are better & better from the vet. She has 2 fur siblings that love her, Hazel from Old Dog Haven who has the same heart issues & Bert a wild terrier mix who likes to nap with Aidy as she is the best heater around!

We hope this little girl is with us for a long time and with the great care ODH provides her, we think that just may be!

Update:  Little Aidy’s health finally failed her after almost three years in her loving Final Refuge home.  She was quite a character and will be greatly missed by her family.