At 12 years old, Koda found himself homeless at a local shelter.  He was not neutered  and had a perianal mass needing to be removed.  After Old Dog Haven was called, he then found himself in a loving and permanent Final Refuge home where his medical issues could be addressed.

When he was under anesthesia at a vet clinic for the neuter and mass removal, he almost died, so required emergency care at a specialty center.   This very brave little fellow recovered well and was enjoying his new home when months later he had a sudden cardiac event and almost died again.  This also required emergency hospitalization and follow up with cardiologist.  Now little Koda is doing well and needs heart and breathing meds, as well as thyroid medication daily.

One of the dogs in his pack is a 90 pound senior boxer named Texas.  Koda loves to be by Texas all the time. Whenever Texas moves, Koda barks and makes a commotion, but when Texas lies down again, Koda has to be right with him.

Little Koda has an awesome smile, a crinkled ear, and ultra soft fur (now that he’s been on thyroid medication for awhile). He talks to his ‘mom’ when she is am fixing his dinner, when he wants to go out or wants pets. Not barking, just chattering.

His favorite place to sleep is either by his ‘mom’ or Texas…either will do.  His favorite things are breakfast and dinner every day, lots of naps and head scratches.

Even though Koda was initially not neutered, he is the best housebroken of all the dogs!  Truly a diamond in the rough to begin with, his Final Refuge family has watched him blossom and they hope he lives a really long time!

Update:  Sadly, Koda’s family had to say goodbye when his health deteriorated.  He was a fiesty little fellow with a very memorable personality!  Koda was truly his mom’s ‘heart’ dog and will always be loved and remembered.