This sweet, 14-year old Lhasa Apso girl arrived to ODH care after having always lived with a family, who contacted ODH for help after their circumstances changed and they were unable to give Affie the care she needed. It seemed as if this little one might be experiencing early stage kidney disease so Affie was whisked to a longtime ODH family who got her to the vet right away. Fortunately, Affie appears to be a remarkably healthy dog for her age overall, despite some other health concerns which will need to be investigated further as she settles into her forever home.

Affie’s new mom tells us that she was smitten with her immediately: “Affie is absolutely wonderful and it feels like she’s been with us for a very long time! At night, she happily settles down next to me and has now made it through the night without a potty break. And she likes to go to bed late and sleep in, just like us. Yay!” And she’s also great with cats, kids, and most other dogs so she gets along perfectly well with her forever home’s grand old resident (and patient) cat.

Thanks to ODH supporters like you, Affie’s now getting the great care and good food she deserves, as well as fun adventures around the neighborhood and lots of quality cuddle time in her forever home. Her mom says, “We’ve just been enjoying her kooky personality! She is just wonderful— sassy, very independent, and absolutely in love with her forever dad. And with food! I’ve had food motivated dogs before but she’s absolutely silly in her obsession about all things food and the kitchen. In fact, she howls like a sad banshee when she wants her food (or her dad) and she’s a total little diva. Luckily, she does like some veggies, so we supplement her meals with those. She will get the zoomies when we are making our own dinner as if we are preparing a gourmet meal just for her. Food is her love language!”

It looks like Affie has her forever people under her spell and everyone’s okay with that. Says her mom, “We got lucky once again!”

Update:  Affie suddenly became very ill and her Final Refuge Family had to let her go.  She had really settled into her new home and into the hearts of her new family.  This little girl relished every day of being loved and cared for.  Affie will be missed and treasured.

Did someone say, Diva?

Affie’s “thinking about food” smile

Dinner time?