Agatha was found stray when it was snowy and cold. She was taken into the local animal shelter where she quickly became a staff and volunteer favorite because of her sweet, gentle nature. She was thought to be about 15 years old, had severe dental disease, a loud heart murmur and significant arthritis.

The shelter contacted Old Dog Haven and Agatha was welcomed into the Old Dog Haven family, and she now lives with her ODH forever foster family. Thanks to Old Dog Haven, Agatha had a thorough veterinary check-up; she required a specialist cardiology review to check her suitability for the extensive dental surgery she needed.

Fortunately, the cardiologist gave surgery the go-ahead and Agatha had 25 rotten teeth removed. She was also started on medication for her arthritis. Agatha is now happy as can be; she enjoys her food, short walks, long naps, and being in the warm. She dislikes rain and possums. She lives with her foster family, dog brother and 2 cats. She is adored by her foster family, who are very grateful that ODH brought Agatha into their lives.

Update From her Final Refuge family:  Agatha  had a significant cognitive decline over the last few months and it was time to send her on.  While we are of course deeply sad and have shed many tears, we are hugely grateful to have had 18 precious months with Agatha. She was a beautiful, calm, stubborn dog who was part of our family. Thank you to everyone at ODH for finding homes for these amazing dogs who teach us so much about what’s important in life.

Agatha died very peacefully and surrounded by love.

Agatha with her loving Final Refuge family