Jessie, a beautiful blue heeler mix, found her way to ODH from a large hoarding situation. She seemed very arthritic and could barely walk (most likely from being kept in a crate for far too long), and she had big, drooping mammary glands from overuse or infection. Her skin was in terrible shape with much of her hair gone from her back end. A large piece of her left ear was missing, probably from a dog fight at some point. She was a mess. Once inside her Final Refuge family’s house, she was so excited to be in a real home that Jessie parked herself on the couch and snoozed all day! She needed surgery to remove mammary tumors and then had to be spayed, but now is living the good life. She loves attention and gets along great with her five pack mates. Her Final Refuge mom says, “This girl is part Heeler and part pig! She is very charming and has a huge personality – such a ham. She loves her couch, loves food and loves people.” Jessie knows she is safe and loved now, a happy ending for a great dog.

Update:  After a wonderfully long time in her Final Refuge Home, Jessie’s health worsened and her family had to say good-bye.  She will always be missed and was a truly memorable pup.