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Please note: The dogs in ODH's Final Refuge care are not adoptable due to medical reasons and all are in permanent homes. Your sponsorship supports the veterinary expenses for these dogs - and we thank you!

Once again, a 5 pound ‘stray’ was taken to a local shelter.  This little girl, Anna, had a very scary episode and passed out during one of her first shelter exams.  She had to be given oxygen and then finally came around.  This episode, coupled with an oral nasal fistula, one remaining canine that was infected and a significant heart murmur made her a good ODH candidate.

One of ODH’s foster homes with a fondness for little poodles asked for her to come live with them.  They were down to only 3 dogs, so the house was a bit empty.  On the very rainy night before Thanksgiving, the family drove to meet with a wonderful shelter person to get little Anna and bring her to her new home.

We had anticipated that she would act like a tiny poodle and want to be carried everywhere and be shy and retiring…not the case.  This little girl pranced into her new home, greeted the existing pack and settled in almost instantly.  With no hesitation she scampered down the hall, out the back door and easily hopped down the two steps to the yard.  This was no shy, meek little pup.

After a consult to make sure her heart was OK for dental surgery, the vet proceeded to close up the fistula and remove the remaining tooth – which turned out to be very infected and also had a fistula.  Anna sailed through the surgery and recovery – she is one tough, brave little girl.

As she has settled in even more, she certainly has found her voice and has assumed the job of alerting her family to ANY new noise.  So if it’s been quiet and her foster mom or dad says something – that is deserving of a bark, let alone someone coming to the door.  Of course she joins her foster brother every time he gives a bark as well.

Her new family can’t believe what a sweet yet determined little pup she is.  She loves car rides, and loves to cuddle – the closer the better.

We hope dear Anna will stay a very long time – she is truly a dear and whatever happened to her in the past, she hasn’t looked back.  She is a joyful soul.


Cuddling with her brother Milo




Anna is sponsored by:

  • Victor Nosce - Lifetime
  • Andrea M Lewis of Emerald Hills, CA
  • Susannah Easterly of Seattle, WA in memory of Valerie Easterly