Colonel Mustard had been on the streets for a long time before he arrived in Old Dog Haven care. This very old boy really needed a home and his ODH Final Refuge mom was delighted to have him. Colonel Mustard was settling in and doing really well in his forever home–and then he had a terrible weekend.

The Maranda Fund was used so Colonel Mustard could have an MRI and neurological consultation. It turned out that this little fellow had had a stroke, and the MRI revealed terrible intervertebral disc disease (IVD) that was causing his pain and discomfort. Knowing the source of his pain allowed us to move forward with a medical plan: Colonel Mustard is now being treated for his IVD and is doing fantastically well!

Without the MRI we would never have known what was wrong with Colonel Mustard. Thanks to our generous Maranda Fund supporters, he is now comfortable and enjoying his senior years is a warm, comfy and loving home. Thank you, friends!

Update:   Colonel Mustard has been literally brightening every scene he’s in for an estimated 18 years! As his name implies, Colonel Mustard is the epitome of handsomeness, dignity and class. As a retired military man, the Colonel prefers to spend his time alternately napping or reliving grand maneuvers from his illustrious career (aka play-fighting on the floor with his foster mom). He is also well-known in the neighborhood for his ambassadorial skills: he is a gentle & memorable  friend to everyone he meets.

Final Update:  After over 2 1/2 years with his Final Refuge family, Colonel Mustard passed away due to kidney disease.  He had such a wonderful final chapter and enjoyed every day.  This wonderful boy will be greatly missed.

Colonel Mustard on the left with his buddy Tony