Raggedy Ann, aka Annie, was found wandering the streets. Her coat was raggedy, hence her nickname, and her mouth was full of rotten teeth. She also had a pronounced limp and a large mass under her chin. This small dog was a big mess so the shelter contacted Old Dog Haven for help, and a Final Refuge home was found for Annie right away.

Her ODH family tells us that when she arrived in her new home, “She marched right in like she had always lived there and demanded our attention!” Thanks to your dedicated support of ODH, Annie underwent surgery right away to fix her mouth and to remove the chin mass. What a relief!  She’s also getting needed veterinary care to address her limp and mild kidney disease. Despite everything Annie’s apparently been through in her life, her mom tells us that she is a real love bug: “She wants to be near me at all times. And if she feels I’ve been gone for too long, she will let me know how displeased she is by yodeling and stumping her feet upon my return!”

Now that Annie’s getting the care and love she deserves she isn’t so raggedy anymore. She just loves meeting new people, napping on a warming pad with Dandy, her family’s fellow ODH dog, and playing with treat puzzles. Her mom shares that while Annie’s still not much of a walker, she sure enjoys her stroller rides and other adventures. “She loves helping me with sewing projects by laying on the fabrics and patterns. Annie is very much loved!”

Update:  Sweet little Annie’s health finally failed her and it was time for her loving family to say goodbye.  She was such a dear girl with a very definite personality.  Annie is greatly missed and we are so glad that she was able to have such a loving and joyous final chapter.

Feeling so much better!

Raggedy Annie on arrival