Buddy went on an adventure! – he was found as a stray, and taken to a shelter.  Luckily, this awesome shelter partners with Old Dog Haven to keep old dogs safe.  Buddy found his way into ODH’s amazing forever foster home program where ODH makes sure he gets all the vet care he needs.  And, his foster home provides lots of love and care.

Buddy arrived at his foster home lethargic, with weak legs, and an ear and skin infection.  Due to Old Dog Haven’s excellent vet care checklist, it was found that he had a tick-borne disease which was treated and is now being monitored.  Lab tests also identified that he has a progressing liver disease.  Through medical management the goal is to slow the liver disease so he can continue to feel better.

He’s getting stronger every day and started playing with toys; even at his old age!  Everyone that meets Buddy falls in love with him.  He greets everyone like he’s known them forever, and has a gentle soul.  Buddy also loves to be hugged and is always on alert for the sun to shine.  You can often find him napping on lots of blankets (which he loves), and he of course needs a kiss on his forehead and blanket tuck at bedtime.

His foster home could not be more in love with him and is grateful every day for ODH!!

Update from Buddy’s Final Refuge Family:

Buddy, 2008 – December 21, 2021: I had to heal my heart before I could tell you how much we loved Buddy. Buddy arrived lethargic in May of 2021 – but after treatment for tick-borne disease and skin/ear infections, he was able to play with toys again! Everyone who met Buddy fell in love with him. He loved going to work with Amy where he had a fan club and a dog friend named Luna. Amy’s co-workers took him on sniffy walks, played with him, and loved him. He greeted everyone like he already knew them, he had a gentle soul, loved to be hugged, and loved a warm blanket from the dryer at bedtime with a kiss on the forehead.
Sadly, we could not fix chronic liver disease. He was so special, and even though heartbroken because he was only with us for 7 months, we are SO grateful for ODH and take comfort in giving him strength to play with toys and lots of love in his last chapter. Thank you ODH and ODH family for making this world a better place!! Buddy, forever loved!!  With gratitude, Jacinda and Amy