Hobbs came to Old Dog Haven Final Refuge care as a stray from a local shelter.  He was suffering with an ulcer on his left eye, which resulted in blindness. He had a large cyst on his neck that needed to be drained and he also had severe dental disease. On top of all that, he needed to be neutered but had a retained (undescended) testicle, which made that operation more tricky.

Hobbs also has a grade II heart murmur. After being cleared by the cardiologist, he underwent surgery to remove his eye and take care of his other health issues. Hobbs is 12 years old, so this was not an easy time for him, but he had lots of loving care to help him recover from surgery.

Today Hobbs is the sweetest, happiest dog, and his forever mom says, “We just love this little guy! We are so grateful to Old Dog Haven for providing the medications and medical treatment to rescue our bouncy ball of fluff!”  Hobbs is a great example of the difference your support of ODH makes in the life of senior dogs.

Update:  Hobbs passed away suddenly and will be greatly missed by his Final Refuge family.  He was such a very cheerful fellow and really brightened the lives of all who knew him.  He recovered well from his initial medical treatments and had some very wonderful times living his new life.