Say hello to Aofie (pronounced Ay-fuh)! Aofie is a Gaelic word meaning “pleasant” – and that’s a good description for this dog! She’s an 8-years-old 4​0​-pound Cattle Dog-Terrier mix and the definition of a scruffy mutt. Isn’t she adorable?

Aofie needs an adopter with herding/cattle dog experience.Her owner states she would be happiest with a single person. We are told, as a cattle dog, Aofie needs clear boundaries and expectations from her owner or she will end up owning you! She is a well-behaved dog but needs training to become better socialized with new humans.

Aofie is described as a smart, sweet and sensitive companion. Her favorite activities are going on long leisurely walks, nosing around the garden, and lounging in the sun. She is naturally very quiet and does not have much interest in toys or bones. She is not a cuddler and prefers having her own space (crates have worked well for her).

Aofie has excellent house and food manners and learns quickly by observation. She is great being home alone and has never damaged anything. Of course she will need to be given time and understanding to learn a new routine in a new home. Aofie can manage quite a few hours before she needs a potty break. She is very devoted to her person and lives to serve.

Aofie is reportedly fantastic on leash.She does not need extensive physical activity to stay happy, but certainly a daily walk and space to roam around. It will do her good to stay active as she’s a young senior.

As she’s gotten older, Aofie has lost interest in dog parks, though she does enjoy playing with dogs she sees regularly. If a potential adoptive home has another dog, a home with a mature dog who has a calm nature would suite Aofie best. Her owner states she needs a NO CAT and NO CHILD home.

Aofie knows all basic commands including “go potty” and she is eager to learn more. Her favorite treats are kale stems! Doesn’t Aofie sound like an amazing dog?

Aofie is located in Snohomish, WA. For contact information please email:

This is not an ODH dog; we urge prospective adopters to do their own evaluation.