Avery came into the shelter as a “stray” weighing 31 pounds, looking like a huge pink watermelon – distended in all directions. He was a big pom (the old kind) but 31 pounds… Our target weight was 17 pounds and we managed to get him to 21. That in itself made him feel SO much better and allowed him some mobility and enthusiasm for walks. Sadly, Avery was suffering from many other problems as well: Cushings disease, bladder stones, repeated bladder infections, hypothyroidism and Pom Alopecia – when the masses of mats were shaved at the shelter his hair really grew back in.
Poor Avery’s problems all intertwined; our vets tried our best to treat each of them but were really hamstrung by the combination of issues. Avery became increasingly frustrated and uncomfortable, which progressed to being a very unhappy dog. With no relief for him on the horizon, with grief we decided that he’d struggled enough and let him go on to a peaceful rest. Please think of Avery doomed by his obesity and keep your dogs at a healthy weight.