From her ODH home: Dear little Dory came to us in 2012 with an overwhelming pile of anxiety, a myriad of medical issues, and a loving and trusting heart. Numerous ODH-sponsored vet visits and surgeries addressed most of her medical issues, while some remained untreatable. Anxiety, however, remained Dory’s greatest challenge. Despite the anxiety and a horrible first chapter of her life, Dory blossomed.

Inspired, comforted, and guided by the love of her dog sisters (Anouk and Angel) and all her adoring humans, Dory found out that the world could be a wonderful place and she thrived in it. She charged ahead–chasing deer, attacking her pillows with joy, using the living room for gymnastics, learning to play and catch flying objects, and proving to have an uncanny ability to find anything rotten and eat it before we could grab it. She had a unique verbal communication style (variations on moans and groans) that she employed to let us know she was hungry, anxious, excited, or tired. We were absolutely smitten by her, and she charmed all who met her with her sweet adorable nature and face. And dogs loved to lick her; apparently, she was also tasty. Or possibly they knew that Dory just wanted love.

We will greatly miss our little Dory. The smell of her ears, her little popcorn feet, her limpid brown eyes, knitted brows, her elegant trot, and her tender cuddles.

Thanks so much to ODH for almost four years of emotional and financial support. And huge thanks to Ardeth for helping us to understand this delightful pup. We are so grateful that we had Dory in our lives.