Clint ended up in the shelter after his prior owners moved out of their home and left him behind. Being a quiet, calm old man (although he looks pretty good for 15+ years old), the shelter wasn’t his speed. When Clint came to his ODH family, his skin needed help and his teeth were in really bad shape (let’s just say his breath was horrible!). After getting medication and having several teeth pulled, Clint then settled into his new life of leisure. Now, Clint spends his retirement taking long, peaceful naps, going for leisurely strolls through the neighborhood, and acting like an excited puppy when he sees his family arrive home or approaching him with treats in hand. He is a gentle soul – even the cats in the house (who usually avoid the dogs) feel comfortable playing around Clint (and trying to steal some of his food). Clint is a calm soul, just looking for attention and a comfy place to nap!

Update:  Clint’s journey came to an end when his joints, his bladder and his mind all deteriorated too much for him to be a happy comfortable dog. He had a long life (16 years!) for a big dog, and was very well loved for the last year and a half in his ODH home. He will be missed.