14 year old Mickey is a 12 pound, brindle lhasa apso. We are told that Mickey has never lived with another dog but that he does like meeting mature dogs, like himself, on walks. Mickey has stayed with dog sitters in the past and been fine with other dogs being taken care of. He is mostly blind and as an old dog,  he’d more than likely be happiest with calm, older dogs who are respectful of his space and his FOOD! If he were to find another home as an only dog, he’d probably be thrilled.

It is unknown how Mickey is around children but one would think he’d be OK with older kids who will be gentle and kind to him. He enjoys physical affection and human company. Mickey has lived with cats. He is able to manage about 4 hours during the day without a potty break. While he can reportedly do stairs in his home now, one should keep in mind as a visually impaired dog, he will need time and patience to adapt to new surroundings. Additionally we have found that senior dogs lose their peripheral vision with age, making stairs “scary” and they can fall causing injury. Ideally Mickey won’t need to climb stairs on a daily basis and if so, they will be limited or he can be carried up and down them!

Mickey will bark to let you know he wants up on the bed with you at night. It’d be wonderful if, in his new home, he’d be able to cuddle in bed with his adopter when he felt the need to. He enjoys 3 walks a day and does well on leash. More than likely Mickey is used to a specific route for walks now, he’ll need time to learn a new path in his adoptive home. New smells! New sounds!

Common in his breed, Mickey has dry eyes and he requires  daily eye ointment for that. Mickey’s adopter needs to be willing and able to continue the care for his eyes as without it, he could really suffer. Additionally his adopter should be able to afford his lifelong vet care, good food and grooming. In return you’ll receive the love and devotion from a sweet and adorable fellow!

Mickey is located in Portland, Oregon. For contact information please email: referrals@olddoghaven.org

This is not an ODH dog; we urge prospective adopters to do their own evaluation.