What a face Bear has! His people call him an Australian Cattle Dog mix. Adopted from a shelter 3 years ago, his exact age is unknown but the best guess is that Bear is between 9-10 years old. Bear weighs 52 pounds; so not a small dog but not a big dog either-of course size is relative.

It is with great sadness that Bear’s people have to rehome him. He is such a wonderful dog, they have nothing but good things to say about Bear. We are told Bear lives with a small dog now and that Bear loves meeting other dogs. He has lived with cats but is said to be skittish around them.  Bear does not chase his people’s chickens nor does he bother the neighbor’s animals. Bear enjoys people of all ages, including kind, gentle children.

Like so many dogs, Bear doesn’t like fireworks. He is a sensitive fellow. We are told he was at first nervous around men. He can still get nervous when people are loud, he has had an accident in the house when he’s anxious about them.  It makes one wonder what this sweet boy has been through in the past; all the more reason to help Bear find the very best home he can stay in for the rest of his days.

Bear would love a home where he can wander about outside. He loves to run around outside. Because he is being rehomed again, it is in his best interest that he have a safe, fenced yard. Bear loves going for his daily walks. He behaves well on leash and will stay by his person’s side as if he was trained to do so. Bear is a great ride along in the car buddy.

While Bear enjoys being outside, he is not an “outside dog”! He is great at staying in the house while his people are away. He can manage a few hours between potty breaks. Bear will bark to let you know someone has arrived or join in with other dogs if they are barking. Dogs will be dogs!

Bear’s people will share all vetting information with you. He has had treatment for skin allergies and ear infections in the past. At this time Bear can still manage stairs. His people do give him a daily supplement to help keep his joints healthy. His adopter must be able and willing to provide regular veterinary care and good quality dog food. We bet Bear will reward his new family tenfold with their investment in his care.

Bear is located in Port Angeles, WA. Someone is going to be quite lucky to give this boy his forever home! For contact information please email: referrals@olddoghaven.org

This is not an ODH dog; we urge prospective adopters to do their own evaluation.