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Please note: The dogs in ODH's Final Refuge care are not adoptable due to medical reasons and all are in permanent homes. Your sponsorship supports the veterinary expenses for these dogs - and we thank you!

Bella Bean arrived at the shelter obese at 9.5 pounds and crippled with severe grade 4 luxating patellas.  She was walking with her bottom almost touching the ground in a crab like manner.  The bones in her hind legs are so bowed that they cannot be pulled completely straight. And, it was determined that they cannot be repaired.   She also has several kinks in her tail from some previous injury.   It was thought that Bella Bean had been carried rather than allowing her to maneuver on her own, which didn’t do anything to help her lose weight.  Bella Bean also needed to be spayed and was badly in need of a dental. With the help of the wonderful Veterinarians and the ODH funded medical costs, Bella Bean was given all the necessary diagnostic tests.  She was put on meds three times a day for pain and it has enabled her to walk with her bottom much higher off the ground.  In fact, now that she has lost weight, she can be difficult to catch when she is scurrying to help empty a food dish.  Bella Bean has been spayed and she will soon be given a dental.

In addition, Old Dog Haven supplied special water and food bowls that are tipped at an angle, so Bella Bean can eat by sitting, rather than standing.  Old Dog Haven also supplied wheels for her, as we thought it would help her run and walk easier.  However, Bella Bean never stands on all four legs and as a result, her front legs are not strong enough to hold up her body, and she is unable to use the wheels.  Bella Bean is always sitting, if not crab walking.

Once Bella Bean arrived at my home, it was love at first sight.  She is adorable and definitely knows what she wants.  Fortunately, the one step out to the dog yard and patio, is split in half.  So, it is two half steps.  This makes it possible for Bella Bean to walk in and out by herself.  She has even learned how to use the dog door in a pinch, if her foster mom isn’t close enough to open the door for her.

Bella Bean loves to go to the nursery and ride in the cart while her foster mom is picking out plants.  In fact, Bella Bean just loves to go shopping.

Bella Bean shares her home with 3 other Old Dog Haven foster dogs.  She is a perfect sister and will do her best to play with the other dogs.  However, not every dog wants to play.  She has tried her best to get her blind Shih Tzu foster brother to chase her, but he has no idea what she wants.  Her favorite game is pretending to bite her foster mom’s toes.

Bella Bean is very smart and also very loving.  She is willing to love on a new foster and help them to feel welcome.  And, she is also willing to listen to commands and follow the house rules……..unless it involves food.  Unfortunately, she is always having to watch her weight.


Bella Bean is sponsored by:

  • Caitlin Rose of Bellingham, WA
  • Michelle Kimihira of Seattle, WA in honor of Julie Forbes and Darcie Boltz - Lifetime Sponsor
  • Jill L Johnstone of Camano Island, WA in honor of Glenda and Lucy - Lifetime Sponsor