Bennett was left at the shelter by his owner, who said he was 13 years old. He was terrified there, so terrified that he didn’t urinate for 36 hours!  Because the Bichon breed is so prone to bladder stones, he went immediately to the vet who found – absolutely nothing wrong with the little guy. With a little investigation of records, we learned that Bennett was only eight years old. Another one of the surprises we seem to get when we take in dogs. By this time, he was extremely attached to his ODH mom and beginning to be a bit more confident about handling (Bichons often are very emotional, loyal little fellows who are devastated by losing their people) so Bennett found his Final Refuge home with with us. He was named for Michael Bennett of the Seahawks and he faithfully watches all the games (well, he snoozes through some….). Being a young senior, he loves playing vigorously with the other dogs in his home, stirring up bark fests, curling up with another Bichon or any other fluffy little white dog, and then spending the rest of the day at his ODH mom’s feet.

Update:  After nearly 6 years as his ODH mom’s #1 dog and constant companion, Bennett couldn’t fight off the high grade lymphoma any longer!   He tried!   Always the consummate tough guy who wouldn’t give up, he stayed as long as he could.   Two days short of 1 year after his diagnosis (with estimated 6 month life expectancy), he went suddenly and left a huge hole in his home and his ODH mom’s heart.