Little Biscotti was found roaming the streets and brought into a shelter. He was found with a severe ear infection in both of his ears, open sores and fleas all over his little skinny body. His fur coat was not plush like a pomeranian’s should be and obviously needed a lot of TLC. His ears were so infected, full of wax and scar tissue that they were nearly closed up causing him slight deafness. The shelter tried its best to address the fleas and ear infections but they knew he needed more focused care and ODH was contacted.

When his foster received him he was immediately taken to a veterinarian and it was found that he had such a bad ear infection that he would need to be seen by a specialist for treatment on a regular basis to have the scar tissue and wax removed. He was also found to have severe spinal arthritis, rotten teeth, underweight with skin problems. He also has a bit of “doggie dementia” and will snap at anyone that tries to pick him up, and have impromptu mini-outbursts of grumpiness. With a lot of time and patience we have learned that Biscotti is a total love bug in the mornings till late in the day with no snappiness, then as the day goes into the evening his grumpiness returns. We also have found that he knows a couple tricks, he will do the following on command; sit, sit up, laydown and rollover…….all for treats, of course. Biscotti is learning to settle in with his new foster family and it helps that he has 2 other pomeranians to hang out with. He will continue to receive his meds and treatment for the ear issues and spinal arthritis. His teeth, skin and weight issues have all been taken care of, thanks to ODH. What a different dog he is today!

Update:  Little Biscotti’s health declined suddenly and his foster family sadly had to say goodbye.  He thrived in his Final Refuge home and will be greatly missed.