This is Boris, an 11 year old, 75 pound pointer hound mix. Isn’t he quite a handsome fellow?
Boris is a sensitive soul, looking for an adopter who will help him through his upcoming life change. Boris has had the same home since puppyhood but now he needs an adoptive home and soon. He is a loving boy whom we are told can sometimes be “a bit of a goofball”.

For Boris, a home with other dogs who are mellow, friendly and older like himself would be best. Boris should not live with cats as he has been known to chase anything that runs from him for fun. We are told he doesn’t do this in an aggressive manner and once a cat stops running, he won’t harm them but a cat may not appreciate his behavior. Boris gets anxious around loud kids and does his best to get away from them. He could be fine in a home with dog-loving teenagers whose behavior is less noisy and unpredictable.

Boris appreciates 2 walks a day; these are only 15-minute walks. Boris is not a dog you’d take on a hike! He will test a new walker by “throwing his weight around” so perhaps a Gentle Leader or Wonder Walker harness would be helpful when taking him on his walks. One must consider Boris’ size and be able to manage that on a walk and helping him into and out of a car. He loves time in a fenced yard and when the sun is out, you can usually find Boris, sunbathing.

While not much of a barker, Boris will let you know when someone is at the door. He will also bark when he’s outside to let you know if, after scratching at the door to be let back in, you don’t hear him. He will become protective of his home when strangers come to the house, but he calms down after introductions. Boris makes grumbly sounds and is very vocal in a cute, funny way. He sounds like a character!

Boris’ owner has taken very good care of him and kept up on his regular vetting. Because he has arthritis, Boris needs a home without too many stairs to climb. He takes Rimadyl and CBD chew for his arthritis. The chew also helps for his occasional anxiety. His anxiety is usually cause​d​ by excessive noise or commotion. He’s a chill dude who wants a home where he can curl up on the couch and watch TV with his family. Boris’ owner will share vet information with potential adopters. An adopter should be able and willing to continue the veterinary care Boris has had all of his life.

This big boy is not a fan of being put in a kennel. We are told he can stay alone for quite a few hours if need be. When left alone, his owner says leave a radio on give him a toy to chew on. If he doesn’t have a toy, he will find a pillow or cushion to use for comfort (not to chew on). While he can manage that time without a potty break, we’d like to think he shouldn’t have to. A senior dog needs to relieve himself more often than a young dog. Please keep that in mind when considering a senior dog who cannot manage long days at home alone without a way to get out to relieve themselves.

We think that Boris sounds just wonderful! He is a unique looking boy who sounds like he will make someone a great companion. Boris is located in Silverdale, WA. For contact information please email:

This is not an ODH dog; we urge prospective adopters to do their own evaluation.