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Please note: The dogs in ODH's Final Refuge care are not adoptable due to medical reasons and all are in permanent homes. Your sponsorship supports the veterinary expenses for these dogs - and we thank you!

Bosco Brown was surrendered by his owner when they were forced to move and they could not take him with them. It broke their heart because they had found him as a stray many years ago and was a part of their family. However, it was also a blessing because Bosco Brown has received very little vet care over the years.

When he arrived this sweet boy was a mess. His nails were very long, he had arthritis in most of his joints, his eyes were red and goopy, his coat was oily, flakey and covered with a white powder-like substance. And poor Bosco Brown smelled awful. Typically, we like a pup to settle in a couple of days before bathing them since they are already experiencing so much change but this time we couldn’t wait! While bathing him we discovered that both his ears were full of puss. On top of that, I took him and Maggie (our ODH yellow lab) for a short, easy walk the next morning and by the afternoon he could no longer stand on his own. We had no clue what was going on with him.

I quickly got on the phone to the vet because Bosco must have been experiencing so much pain and we couldn’t wait for his vet appointment later in the week. Thankfully, I was able to drop him off on Monday and the vet staff fit him in between appointments. One of the receptionists cried when she saw what condition he was in. I left in tears because he had been through so much already and I hated leaving him for the day, and he had no idea if I was coming back.

After what felt like days, the vet called with the list of issues. Bosco Brown’s ears were so badly infected they couldn’t even get a scope in but they managed to clean them out the best they could. He started on antibiotic treatment right away and they had to remove one of his toenails because it was so badly cracked.

The next day we could already see the difference all the vet care was making—his eyes were brighter, and his mobility was improving especially with the use of a harness. His ear infection was healing and he seemed to feel so much better.  Currently, he’s taking antibiotics and anti-fungal meds, ear drops, eye drops, arthritis medication and medication to supplement his thyroid. He will soon see a dermatologist for his ears and skin and also an eye specialist. My hope for him is that by the spring he’s off most of the meds, feeling great and can enjoy being a comfortable dog.

We are so happy to have Bosco Brown in our family. He is a sweet gentleman who loves affection but is also very stubborn, typical of a lab!

Thanks to Old Dog Haven, Bosco Brown is getting all the vet care he will need for the rest of his life.

Bosco Brown is sponsored by:

  • Erika Smith of Seattle, WA - In memory of Riley, Molly, Butters and Tiara - Lifetime Sponsor
  • Lori Motko of Kirkland, WA - Lifetime Sponsor
  • LuAna & Ricky Boykins of Kennesaw, GA - Lifetime Sponsor