Breezy is an adorable 10 pound chihuahua mix. Adopted from a shelter years ago, no one is certain of her exact age but a good estimate is about 11 years old. Breezy currently lives with 3 rambunctious young dogs. This does not please her as she was used to living in an adult family home until her owner’s passing. In that home Breezy spent her days being coddled and was a constant companion to her owner. Breezy has taken the change from what once was to her current living situation fairly well. However the hope is she’ll find a calmer home with people home more often and no pesky young dogs!

Breezy has lived with other dogs. It may be nice for her to find a home with another small, mature dog like herself to keep company with. She has lived with cats but has never been observed around children. It is assumed that Breezy would be happiest without children that disrupt her napping as she doesn’t appreciate being disturbed when she’s cuddled up in her blankets. Breezy enjoys sleeping in the bed with her human.

We are told Breezy is good to stay alone when needed but a dog like her wouldn’t do well in a home with someone who works away from home full time. She can manage quite a while before she needs a potty break. Breezy can do stairs and is reportedly great on leash. While she’s not used to getting out for much exercise, we would bet she’d enjoy some daily strolls. There’s so much to see and more importantly, SMELL out there! Breezy loves the sun and exploring the fenced yard when it’s nice outside.

Breezy recently had a dental and full veterinary exam. Her caregivers will gladly share her vet records. We are told she sounds wheezy from time to time but chest x-rays showed nothing of concern. Breezy can leak some urine when she gets excited. In her former home, she wore diapers but it’d be in her best interest to not have to wear them again. Her caregivers tell us that Breezy will go outside to potty. She is crate trained as well. Of course once she reaches her adoptive home, her adopter will need to show patience with house training manners and settling in.

Breezy is located in Snohomish, WA. For contact information please email:

This is not an ODH dog; we urge prospective adopters to do their own evaluation.