Libby, a senior Boston Terrier, was surrendered to the local shelter when her owner became too ill to take care of her. Old Dog Haven stepped in and found her a Final Refuge home with many years experience with the Boston Terrier breed.

Libby is believed to be about 14 years old, although her microchip information came back as a 14-year-old male lab! Besides being deaf and visually impaired, Libby has Inflammatory Bowel Disease, which requires her to be on a very strict diet.

Still, Libby hasn’t lost that Boston Terrier “joie de vivre” (joy of living) nor her enthusiasm for food. She only has one dislike (not eating), so as long as she gets plenty of approved treats throughout the day, Libby is a happy girl.

Update:  Sadly, after almost two wonderful years, Lilly’s health failed her and her loving family had to say goodbye.  She was quite a character and will be greatly missed.