12 year Bud is a darling healthy senior boy looking to be the apple of someone’s eye.  Bud is blind and deaf but is able to quickly learn his way around a home, he can do a stair or two but a one level home will be best.  Bud’s favorite things are soft beds, and going for short walks.
Bud is perfectly potty trained and has no problem holding it for 6 hour or more if needed but he prefers someone home with him and would do best in  a home where he is not left alone for a whole work day.  Bud is a big boy at 26lbs but he still loves to sit on your lap and cuddle, he can have playful spurts, but mostly he is laid back.
Bud currently lives in a home with 4 other senior dogs.  It takes him a bit to adjust when meeting new dogs but with patience he will be able to live in harmony.  He lives with cats and has no interest in them.  Bud was overweight when he came to rescue but is on a weight loss plan, his mobility is good but he does have a normal amount of arthritis for a senior.  He has dry eye so he will need to be on prescription medication for life for that, but other than that he has no health issues.
Bud is posted for Pacific Pug Rescue in Portland Oregon.  If you are interested in Bud you can fill out an application at http://www.pacificpugrescue.org/adoption-process or email

This is not an ODH dog; we urge prospective adopters to do their own evaluation.