8 year old Henry is a 16 pound Lhasa Apso who is ready to make someone a terrific new best friend. Henry’s purpose in life is to be a companion dog. He takes his job very seriously. We’re told he is “highly adaptable and behaves appropriately in all situations and environments”. Up until recently Henry went to work with his person and Henry was great with all of his person’s clients, including special needs kids. Henry has lived with other dogs and cats and done well with both. He has also been fine around chickens! Henry loves kids. Henry sounds like a dream, right?!

Henry loves to walk and he does very well on leash. He can do stairs and wait 4-6 hours before he needs a potty break. Henry loves going for car rides and he’s an excellent traveler. He really loves sleeping with his person in his bed.  Another bonus: he barks very little! Henry is described as “cuddly, polite and obedient”.

Because Henry has been a dog that has been with his person all of the time, he does not do well with being left behind at home. Ideally he would find a home with someone who won’t leave him alone too often. It’d be nice if Henry could learn to content without his human around. When his dog buddy was still alive, we are told he was less anxious about being left alone. It will be important to keep in mind that Henry never may be “OK” with being left alone. We find that dogs who are with their person constantly-such as service dogs-often have this issue. Henry needs an understanding, patient new person.

Henry has environmental allergies that are taken care of with medicated baths and allergy medications. To keep him looking adorable he needs regular grooming. We are told he is a hypoallergenic dog who doesn’t trigger typical allergic reactions to dogs.

Henry is located on Bainbridge Island, waiting to find an adopter who will appreciate all the love and friendship he has to offer.

This is not an ODH dog; we urge prospective adopters to do their own evaluation.