Buddy (now called Butter Bean by her foster in a terrible Southern accent) was taken to a shelter by her owners of roughly 13 years just shy of her 15th birthday. Understandably, this deaf and nearly toothless older girl, yes GIRL, quickly became terrified and didn’t understand what was happening to her.

Butter Bean is amazingly sweet and quiet (she has yet to make one sound). There is nothing wrong with her eyesight, and she has big and beautiful soulful eyes that take in everything. She does have a large inoperable mass around her liver, as well as muscle atrophy in her back end, which hinders her mobility some. However, no one told Butter Bean, and she gets around far better than a dog with her ailments should. Regular vet visits ensure that she gets the care she needs to stay mobile and comfortable.

This girl has truly blossomed in her permanent foster home. Everyday she becomes stronger, more affectionate, and visibly happy. Butter Bean has two forever senior sisters, and she loves to be around them. They love her too! The first few weeks she didn’t collate a a leash with a nice walk in the park, but she does now, and literally runs, yes runs, around with excitement. She is thriving with a daily routine that includes belly rubs, exercise, nutritious food, and several cozy beds to sleep in. Butter Bean is appreciative and loving. I am so thankful that Old Dog Haven saw what a gem she is, and brought her into their organization, so that she can be loved for the rest of her days.

Update:  Dearest Butter Bean was very old when she came into care, but was able to have a wonderful time and was much loved.  When her body finally began to fail, we had to let her go but she will be greatly missed.  Truly a remarkable and brave girl.