Gentle giant Oliver, a 90-lb Rhodesian Ridgeback mix arrived at the shelter with significant arthritis in his back end and the need for a really good home in his golden years. Thanks to ODH supporters, he was pulled from the shelter and found his ODH forever home with a first-time foster family who were thrilled to welcome him!

From the moment Oliver arrived home, this tall, sweet boy has loved being in the center of things. He became instant best buddies with the resident Ridgeback girl, enjoying dog-bed swapping, snuggling, and the occasional long-legged, huge-pawed, gentle play.  His mom reports that he’s just a big, goofy, slow-moving guy who loves to plop himself down in the middle of the kitchen or stand width-wise across an entrance completely oblivious of how much space he takes up! Oliver’s now been started on arthritis medication to help relieve the pain in those old joints, and he’s even been cleared by the vet to gain a few extra pounds—so his time in the kitchen acting as a traffic circle will likely pay off!

His mom also reports that he is a lovely and slow walker and jumps up the second he thinks he might be getting a walk. He’s also as gentle as they come with their young daughter. He especially likes a game of laying down tug of war—which he will only play with her! His family feels that Oliver is “wonderfully gentle and sweet, an absolute dream and a huge part of our family already. He has wonderful manners, loves to eat and get treats, loves an ear rub and face scratch from their daughter and wants to be ANYWHERE my husband is!”

Sweet Oliver has finally found his people!

Update:  This very dear boy left us far too soon (osteosarcoma) and he will be greatly missed by his loving family.  We are very thankful for his family who showed him such love and care.

Oliver at shelter

Oliver and his best buddy swapping blankets