Cassie, Cassie, Sweet and Sassy

From her ODH Family: Cassie was left at the shelter at age 14 and the shelter was told to: “Put her out of her misery.” Within hours of getting her from Old Dog Haven we were shaking our heads at such a statement. Cassie’s personality emerged quickly as the happiest, most playful, energetic and affectionate of beings.

Her favorite thing in the world is cuddling and kissing, and her second-favorite is playing. She’ll play in any possible setting—fetch is preferred and next comes hide-and-seek. If the humans can’t play she’ll do it herself by hiding her ball under a blanket and digging it out or dropping her ball off a pillow and running to get it.

She’s slowing down but she’s still as optimistic and sunny as ever. She can’t hear or see very well but she always expects something good to happen, and her affection is unbounded. She even greets our cat with a galumphing, waggy dash and lick on the nose.

We can’t imagine life without her, but we are so grateful for the time we’ve had with her. She’s given us more than we could ever have imagined. We are so happy to be a part of her life and, hopefully, erase memories of human cruelty that came before.

I truly believe fostering for Old Dog Haven is one of the most rewarding and important things we’ve ever done.

Update:  Sadly, Cassie’s Final Refuge family finally had to say goodbye.  She was such a very special girl and the happiest dog ever.  Cassie was a wonderful addition to her family and will be greatly missed.