“Hi there! My name is Chanelle. A pretty name for a pretty girl. I am a 10 year old ​t​oy chocolate brown poodle. I weigh a little over 7 pounds. I was adopted by my current owner just 4 years ago. Unfortunately he’s losing his home and has to move to a place where I cannot join him. I am in need of an adoptive home and I sure hope this is my last move!

“Everyone who meets me says I’m a sweet girl. Even the vet noted on my chart that I am a “very nice girl”. I have lived with another dog and I do well when meeting new dogs however, my family is hoping to find a home for me without any other animals!

“I can’t recall ever meeting a cat though so I can’t tell you how I would react to one. Kids are nice as long as they are old enough to know to be gentle. I think I’d make a great family dog. I could come along to soccer games or trips to the park. I think I’d do well just about anywhere really, as long as I have some company-another friendly dog to wait for our people to return home.  I don’t need a human around all of the time, that’s not possible, afterall and not healthy for a dog. It’s best for dogs to learn to be OK alone and not taken everywhere our humans go. But I do like to tag along when it’s a good time for it!

“Being only 10, I am still an active girl. We mini poodles can live LONG lives if we are cared for properly. I LOVE to go for walks, I’m good on leash. Walking makes me happy! I can walk a full hour a day. I really hope my adopter will take me for daily walks. I can most certainly still take stairs and manage quite a bit before needing a potty break. I will bark if I see someone outside. That is my job, right?

“I did see a vet recently and checked out well except for my teeth. I really need a dental. This will help my mouth feel and smell better. Having yucky teeth can affect a dog’s health so please, please, be sure you can afford this for me before you consider giving me a home. It’s so  important for dogs to have dental care, regular vet care and in my case, since I’m a poodle, regular grooming. I promise to make my care worth all of your efforts!

“So there you have it! All about me, Chanelle, a girl looking for a loving adoptive home. Are you looking for a cuddly and active little friend? We may belong together!”

Chanelle is located in Federal Way, WA. For contact information please email: referrals@olddoghaven.org

This is a courtesy post. Chanelle is not an Old Dog Haven dog.   We urge prospective adopters to do their own evaluation.