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Please note: The dogs in ODH's Final Refuge care are not adoptable due to medical reasons and all are in permanent homes. Your sponsorship supports the veterinary expenses for these dogs - and we thank you!

Chomper, AKA Chomper man or Bubba, has indeed been a blessing to our family. We received an email with two photos on February 19th, 2020. It was information about Chomper and his situation and asking us if we would want to be his forever home. Chomper is probably a 13-year-old Lhasa-Shih Tzu mix. He had been to the shelter a total of three times, always is horrible shape due to neglect.  After reading this email, we could not wait to share our love with Chomper. A wonderful transport volunteer helped him get to us and our lives were changed with this new addition.

Chomper came to us with a horrible skin condition, dry eyes, infected ears, and a heart murmur. He was shaved at the shelter to try and get a handle on his skin, which is still a work in progress. He smelled like yeast and will need baths twice a week for the rest of his life. We have him on monthly injections, daily medications  and medicated baths to help with the itching. He has dry eyes and gets two sets of drops twice and day. He had a rare kind of bacteria and yeast in both ears, and one of his eardrums is ruptured. Within two weeks, we were able to eliminate the bacteria and yeast, but the eardrum might never fix itself. Our next steps are to get an echocardiogram to check his heart murmur and then work on his dental. If we can not get control of his skin condition, he will also need to see a dermatologist.

With everything Chomper has endured, he still has a heart of gold and trusts more than most dogs. He is a puppy at heart and wants to play, eat, and sleep. He is very talkative with the pack and us. The first time we saw Chomper play, it caught us off guard. He started barking and rolling all over the floor, tossing a toy up in the air to then roll all over it. He likes to encourage the other dogs to play with him. He is very independent but always needs to have me in his sight, or everyone hears about it, even the neighbors. He absolutely loves car rides! He looks like a little bobblehead trying to see everything all at once. He loves going for walks and smelling and peeing on everything on the trail. He enjoys curling up in his heated bed or on the couch on a heating pad. He has also claimed the back of the sofa for bird watching and barking at squirrels. When it comes to bedtime, he is the first to remind us where the bed is and wastes no time fluffing the covers to start snoring like a freight train. His snoring is peaceful because it is a set rhythm, unlike humans’!  He also has this grumpy old man growl when he doesn’t want his medicine or to be moved. It makes us laugh every time!

Chomper has filled a void in our life and our pack from losing our min pin Hanna in December. Jojo is our six-year-old min pin from Hanna and was stuck grieving. When Chomper arrived, he taught Jojo how to be a dog since he could no longer depend on his mom and snuggles him when he needs comfort. Chomper has shown our dogs how to play, have confidence, and instigate the “what are we barking at” game.

Chomper is our first Old Dog Haven foster and has rewarded us in so many ways. The opportunity to make a difference in these less fortunate dogs’ lives is a reward itself. The love they still have to give is the truest one will find no matter what life has thrown their way. I go out of my way to share our experience with Old Dog Haven to anyone that will listen.

Snoozing while it rains outside

With friends in the car

Claiming the bed

Walking in the woods

Bird watching

At the shelter

Doing homework


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