Clancy the amazing beagle was a stray, picked up by a Seattle shelter and fostered by a shelter volunteer until it became clear he was too old to appeal to adopters. ODH was asked to take him for Final Refuge care.  If only he could tell us about his adventures! We suspect he’s had many, since his microchip has had a “found” report called in 12 times – so we know he’s been quite a roamer in his active years. He has endeared himself with his entire family, friends and anyone who meets this little charmer. He has obviously been well trained, for he sits for food and bays at the door to go outside. His favorite things in his new world are eating, napping, walks on the beach, and sniffing his newly introduced cousin Hank, an old Golden Retriever. Clancy, who the vet says is probably between 12 and 16 years old, resides on Whidbey Island with his new mom and dad and a 14 year old sister  who was a shelter rescue some 12 years ago.

We are treating Clancy’s very significant arthritis and hope he will be comfortable and happy for a long time.ancy

Update:  Dear, very old Clancy was struck with a sudden paralysis, probably from a clot affecting his spine or a tumor. He’d had a great day to end his very happy “retirement” in his ODH home. His ODH family is glad they had the opportunity to get to know this wonderful little dog. In the seven months there he never failed to make them smile on a daily basis. It doesn’t get any better than that!