Merlin is a 14-year-old little guy who was found wandering in traffic, deaf and half blind. He was brought to the shelter by a good samaritan and no one ever came to claim him. We’re not sure what mix he is — sheltie? mini aussie? cattle dog? — but he sure is unique looking! Merlin’s first day in his foster home was a bit rough — he was howling and pacing, and we worried he might be senile as well. It turns out he was just stressed from all he’d been through. After meeting the other dogs, learning the layout of the house (he actually does quite well with one eye), and realizing that he was finally in a safe environment, he started to relax and hasn’t howled since. Next stops were a vet exam and the ophthalmologist, who found that his right-eye blindness was due to a detached retina (his left eye is fine). His blind eye also had a painful corneal ulcer so we chose to have the eye removed. He recovered from the surgery easily and clearly feels much, much better now. His foster parents are enjoying getting to know Merlin and feel very lucky to have him as part of their family.

Update: Despite all the pampering from his ODH family, nature took its course and this sweet little wizard started to lose touch with his surroundings. After he became increasingly confused, his family realized he was suffering from dementia. They did not want to lose him, but they knew that letting him go was the kindest thing they could do for him at that point. With an at-home vet’s help, he fell asleep in the arms of his foster dad. His family misses him very much, but are glad he is at peace now.