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Please note: The dogs in ODH's Final Refuge care are not adoptable due to medical reasons and all are in permanent homes. Your sponsorship supports the veterinary expenses for these dogs - and we thank you!

Old Dog Haven was contacted about Emi, a Japanese Chin, who was in very frail condition and deemed unadoptable at the shelter. She was emaciated at 3.2lbs with a heart murmur and inguinal hernias. She has severe deformities in her spine and contracted hind legs which limit her mobility, her chest is deformed and she probably had hydrocephalus. Even with all of her health issues, Emi was still a happy and social girl who needed someone willing to care for all her special needs.

A wonderful final refuge family volunteered to take Emi and now she is receiving all the love and care she deserves.  They have done a great job of helping Emi gradually put on the weight she needed and get her to her many vet appointments. She had an echocardiogram and is on specially compounded heart medications as well as a prescription GI diet. The doctors feel that Emi is not a surgical candidate so none of her medical issues will be repaired but she’s thriving! It is incredible what love and the amazing care her forever foster has given her can do to change the life of a senior dog. And, as her doctor said, Emi is probably as healthy as she’s been for many years.

Emi’s Old Dog Haven foster mom told us that “Emi loves clothes and likes photo shoots! Recently Emi found her voice after 7 months of never making a peep! Emi’s foster says that her voice is “a voice of an angel”.

We are so grateful for the extra special care that Emi receives from her Old Dog Haven forever foster mom and we truly appreciate your continued support to ensure senior dogs like Emi receive their very own happy endings!

Final Refuge Cocoa and Emi

Emi is sponsored by:

  • Mary Wagner of Seattle, WA - In memory of Sal - Lifetime Sponsor
  • Victor Nosce - Lifetime Sponsor