Coco became a permanent foster when her elderly companion of 10 years had to give her up so he could move in with family. He was heartbroken, but some of the pain was eased by knowing where Coco was placed, and how she was loved “at first sight” by her new family. Coco is blind but she visited the doggie opthamologist for the first time and is getting excellent medical care for cancerous tumors. Coco follows smells and sounds with great skill; she toodles around the place like she owns it. She’s a gorgeous Lab-Australian Shepherd mix, with the cutest constellations of freckles you’ll ever see. She’s a pure delight to live with and care for! And those freckles get a lot of kisses.

Update:  Coco suddenly collapsed with severe pain; emergency hospitalization showed a very large inoperable mass in her abdomen. She had been happily visiting senior citizens just the week before, with no sign whatsoever of anything wrong. Her ODH family is devastated to lose her with no warning but very grateful that she had a happy comfortable life to the very end. She will be missed.