When she arrived, Dallas had been in custody for several months as her owner was charged with neglect.  She was in VERY bad shape with severe allergies that had damaged her skin and her eyes, and “dry eye” where her eyelashes drooped and rubbed on her corneas. Her teeth were terrible, too. All in all she was miserable.  With several trips to the allergist and eye specialist, 3 different surgeries, a dental, surgery to remove a mass on her hip, and many different drugs for her allergies, she became a much more comfortable dog. And when she moved to her new city home, her allergy symptoms decreased tremendously–grass seems to be her greatest enemy.  Now she’s maintained on a monthly injection and one immune suppressant.

Dallas is the sweetest little girl, full of personality and life. She loves playing fetch even though as her eyesight has worsened, it’s more a game of hide and seek than fetch. With daily medication and regular visits to the eye doctor, we are hoping to keep her eyesight from deteriorating further.

Although Dallas is down to only a few teeth, it doesn’t stop her from trying to chew on her brothers’ bones. She has the energy of a 6 year old and is always up for a walk or even the occasional short hike.

I’m lucky to have this wonderful lady to brighten my life.  Thank you Old Dog Haven for bringing this girl to me and for all your support and providing the best veterinary care.

Update:  Dallas’s foster mom finally had to let her dear girl go after yet another medical issue arose and it was just too much.  Dallas will always be remembered.  Her mom says she was the very best dog she has ever known.



In her warm sweater with skin healing up

At the shelter