From her ODH family:

Dolce came to us in pretty rough shape. Very thin, terrible arthritis, especially in her elbows and hips, and almost totally deaf. Her thyroid was “out of balance” too . She was very shy, and just kind of sat back, watched the other dogs in her pack and took it all in. She loved her food and treats, and was always there when it was meal or treat time! She enjoyed exploring her little farm, and was especially interested in the resident chickens. She was everything a black lab mix should be! After several months with us, Dolce started really slowing down, and it became very difficult for her to get up and even go outside. It seemed that whatever lurked inside was finally catching up with her. Sadly, she looked at us one day, and said with her beautiful brown eyes, that life was just too hard and she needed to say goodbye. We knew she was right and, thankfully, she went very peacefully. We were happy to have loved her, and only wish she had felt better while she was here. It is amazing how deeply she worked her way into our hearts.

Her quiet presence is really missed.