ShuShu is an older Shi Tzu whose owner had died; the extended family didn’t care for her and then took her to the shelter. By the time she got to Old Dog Haven at the age of 12, her fur was badly matted and one front arm had a vertical slit where the fur had pulled so tightly on the skin it had parted, leaving a long gash. In addition, she had never been spayed and had several large mammary tumors; her teeth were in terrible shape from having never being cleaned. She is now a happy beauty who loves belly rubs and revels in attention. She resides in a loving Final Refuge home with one other Old Dog and several younger rescues, all of whom she romps with when she’s not busy napping, eating or bossing her Old Dog brother. She still gives chase to the cat whenever that mischievous individual shows up for some entertainment.

Update:  ShuShu fought a losing battle with adrenal-type Cushings disease in her last year. She was sent on her way with love and will be remembered with love as well.