At 15 years old, Rupert was owner surrendered by his lifelong family to a shelter. Deaf, visually impaired, overweight and having accidents in the house, his former owners just weren’t able to give him the care he needed.  The shelter contacted ODH and asked if we could find him a new home.

Rupert was understandably anxious at the shelter and we were very pleased when a fantastic couple with years of doxie experience  stepped up and offered to be his forever home.  Rupert is a very, very lucky boy to join their family!

We heard at first he was a bit restless, but after he became acquainted with his new foster brother and sister, he began to relax and settle in to his new home.  Rupert will never have to move again and is getting all the medical care he needs thanks to Old  Dog Haven.  Special thanks to Ruperts new fosters for giving this boy the love and care he truly needs.

Rupert’s final update:

Yesterday  September 3rd, my Mom told me I’d tried hard enough and that it was time to set my spirit free, and let me run across the Rainbow bridge to be with Dolly, Molley and Cecil, the very ODH alums who had welcomed me into my new ODH Final Refuge home almost 1.5 years ago. Mom really loved me and understood that I was still a bright spirit and an energetic guy who was REALLY frustrated that my body and brain were just not keeping up the way I wanted them too.
ODH hadn’t held out much hope for me when they sprang me from the shelter a year ago March, but they wanted my last days to be filled with compassion, patience and wrapped in love. Turned out, I really thrived, and surprised everyone as my new family and I overcame some of my challenges, and lovingly worked with the others.
I arrived with lots of stuff, and ODH and my family tried lots of things, some worked, some not so much, but it didn’t matter because I was loved and really well cared for.  In the end, my tail end wanted to drag and not walk, so standing for pottying, eating and drinking was really hard without help. We tried ‘wheels’ but I really couldn’t understand how to work them. I lost most of my ability to navigate around the house and yard, toppled over a fair bit, and had a bunch of those crazy ‘sun seizures’ that really mix you up. My vision was never really good, but it was getting worse and I bumped into lots stuff. I was a sundowner, so I got really agitated at night, but Mom spent many late nights and early mornings helping me through. And my tummy was acting up, meaning that I was leaving even more ‘little treasures in my wake’ (my family was very generous about cleaning up after me!).
On my last day, I sunned in the yard with canine sibs Angel, Bianca & Rusty (ODH FR), cuddled and read with Dad on the couch, napped on the deck, ate my favorite snacks, went for a car ride, and then, in a cool shady spot, snuggled in my Mom’s arms and said good-bye for now.
I had a wonderful day, and am so thankful to ODH, to my very special human and canine family, and to all those people who cheered for me and sponsored me- without even knowing me!
Mom says it NEVER gets easier saying good-bye…
But I’m so glad that so many people care enough to give us old dogs a chance to live out our lives as well as I have lived mine.
Thank you
P.S. I’ve attached some pictures of me to show you how happy I’ve been!


On the road!

Pack mates are great

Cuddling with Dad

Pack naps in the afternoon

Beauty shot

Rupert and packmate Rusty enjoying the sun.