Little Ella, perhaps a shih tzu bred down to pocket size, came from the shelter at a very advanced age. The shelter vet thought she was in congestive heart failure so her ODH family took her directly to an emergency clinic. Ella bounced back very quickly, responding well to heart medications and having a great time in her busy home. Her kidneys were a bit suspect too, but that stayed stable too. Then she had to have an emergency eye removal. She got through this all well but finally the other eye became very painful and all of these things were just too much for one very old lady to get through. Her ODH mom says: She has been a wonderful old gal from the day she arrived.

Ella made us laugh with her crazy hair and bouncing with excitement for treat time. She would bounce and tip over, but would scramble to her feet like nothing happened. Ella was a tough gal. Small but mighty. She was our Tiny Tim, hurting and weak but always happy and eager.

She will be greatly missed.