Meet Miss Emma. She is a 9 year old, 19 pound tri-colored King Charles Cavalier Spaniel. This sweet, mellow, senior lady was released after her owner went into hospice and their family could not provide adequate care for her.  She is looking for a forever home with a place on a couch just for her. If the couch is against a window that she can look out to monitor the neighborhood, that would be even better!  Doggie steps definitely help, and while she doesn’t mind other dogs she is used to being an only.

Emma spends a good deal of time on her own, but when she desires company she will let you know with a tap of her paw or a stare into your eyes.  She will sit with you and accept your love and adoration for a while, and then she will return to her napping space or to the couch with the view.

Emma came into rescue with questionable potty habits. The foster family has worked with her and she has been very reliable as long as she is kept on a schedule. She does not make much noise when going to the door, and it may take a bit of time to get used to her new surroundings but with help she will be successful.

Emma has serious impairment in her back legs with a pronounced limp on the right.  She has seen an orthopedic specialist and it was determined that the stress of the surgery may be too much for this girl. She does get around pretty good, is able to stroll in the backyard and she has been seen jumping up on the couch to get to her view. But due to her wobbly legs she will not be one to walk around the neighborhood or go on hikes.

Emma has lost 3 pounds since being in rescue and keeping the extra weight off will help her stay as mobile as possible. She will not beg, but she will look at you when you are at the dinner table, just do not give in to those puppy eyes. She has also benefited from the addition of Galliprant, a pain medicine.  A one story home with easy access to the yard to do her business or just to soak up the rays with you would fit this girl perfectly.

Common with Cavaliers, Emma has mitral valve disease and an enlarged heart which is treated with Vetmedin. She also takes a thyroid pill every morning.  She had a dental while in foster but will need a follow up in 6 to 12 months to keep her fresh breath.

This is a special needs girl who needs an adopter who can manage her bilateral hip dysplasia and bilateral patellar luxations with osteoarthritis. She requires pain medications for this. Additionally her heart disease with a IV/VI heart murmur requires Vetmedin with life long monitoring of her disease. Additionally she needs daily thyroid medication. Her adopter must be able to afford monitoring of her condition and changes needed for her heart and pain medication.

Emma is a typical friendly Cavalier. She is sweet but not clingy. When visitors come to the door she is quietly excited and welcoming.  Once adjusted to her new home she is wonderful with all humans, however she is uncomfortable around toddlers so an adult home is best.  Emma enjoys the occasional car ride.  There are no cats in her foster home so it is unknown how she would do living with one but she does bark at other dogs, cats, squirrels and bunnies that pass in front of her window perch.  Luckily her bark is not loud or shrill, she just wants them, and you, to know she sees them.

Emma is posted for Cavalier Rescue USA. She is being fostered in Olympia, WA. If you think you could give this sweet rescue the home she needs to live her best life please complete the online application if you have not done so already and email Cindy Kastner at to let her know of your interest. Emma is looking forward to meeting you and your couch.

This is not an ODH dog; we urge prospective adopters to do their own evaluation.