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Please note: The dogs in ODH's Final Refuge care are not adoptable due to medical reasons and all are in permanent homes. Your sponsorship supports the veterinary expenses for these dogs - and we thank you!

Fiona was a stray in really bad shape. She came to her Old Dog Haven home directly from the shelter when a dedicated shelter volunteer drove many hours to bring Fiona to her ODH Final Refuge home–only to turn around and drive back north again afterwards. (There are so many incredible volunteers helping old dogs!)  Fiona had eye and ear problems and her skin was a mess.  She was missing all the fur on the bottom half of her body, around her ears and on her legs.  Her skin was swollen, goopy and smelly.  She had a large lump dangling on her belly.  She also had flea eggs all over her remaining fur.  Yup, she definitely needed us.  Even with all her health issues she was the sweetest, friendliest dog we could imagine.  She wagged her tail nonstop and we were in love.

Thanks to Old Dog Haven we’ve now got her hypothyroidism under control. She sees an ophthalmologist and her eyes are greatly improved as tear production has started again. With a round of medications and weekly medicated baths her skin has healed and she’s starting to grow fur back on the bare places! It’s growing back a different color in spots, but she is on her way to fluffy and she is 100% adorable!

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