Fred at age 15 was a repeat visitor to a big shelter, perhaps because he wasn’t neutered and wasn’t getting much attention. The last time he was picked up “stray,” his owner refused to bail him out – despite saying he was the best hunting dog he’d ever had. Evidently not worth enough to pay the fine and impound fees, however. After being neutered, Fred moved easily into an ODH home, getting along fine with the other dogs and all humans. This sweetheart is well mannered, quiet, adaptable and gentle. What’s not to like? Fred is fighting a bladder or prostate infection (prostate problems being a frequent issue for senior intact males) and has a good deal of arthritis, but he is a basically healthy guy. We hope he’ll have many more months to be valued and included in the family. Fred’s long life came to an end when his body simply couldn’t go any farther. He’d had nearly 7 months of love and good care in his ODH home and will be remembered with affection. He was a good boy. Fred died August 2015.