Gizmo is an exotic looking beauty. She is a mixed breed girl who weighs about 70 pounds. This 11 year old is said to have “a calm, easy-going personality”. She has been an only dog all of her life but has done OK with other dogs her size during play time while being boarded. Gizmo’s family states she does not care for small dogs.  Never having lived with cats, she will  chase them out of her yard if they dare to venture in.

Gizmo has been a loving family dog, doing well with children who are gentle to her. She is a smart dog who knows some verbal commands. Her owner reports she will do just about anything for a treat! We are told she does not bark much. Gizmo spends most of her days hanging out inside her home either on her dog bed or the couch.

Gizmo does well on leash and appreciates 1-2 daily walks as well as time to play in her fenced yard. Playing ball and getting belly rubs are 2 favorite pastimes. Gizmo can stay home alone inside her home without any issue and she can manage stairs. At this time her owner reports she can manage quite a while before she needs a potty break.

Riding in a car is not Gizmo’s idea of fun. She gets anxious about car rides so one shouldn’t expect a ride along buddy but she will happily welcome you home upon your return. There’s nothing like the joy of a dog’s welcome home!

Gizmo is located in Graham, WA. For contact information please email:

This is not an ODH dog; we urge prospective adopters to do their own evaluation.