Gracie Rose

From Gracie Rose’s Final Refuge mom:

I volunteer at a local shelter that partners with Old Dog Haven. During one of my shifts, I learned there was a beagle mix waiting for placement in an ODH foster home. Of course, I had to check her out. From what I thought I knew about beagles (vocal and stubborn) I had no intention of bringing her home. I found her kennel and stepped in to greet her. My heart melted. She was so eager for attention and company. I sat a few feet away from her and watched as she struggled to get to her feet. She was so stiff and painful she was not able to stand. I immediately contacted ODH and asked if we could bring her home.

Her intake exam revealed severe arthritis in just about every joint and a heart murmur. We immediately started her on medication and supplements to make her more comfortable. After a few weeks we saw improvement. She found it easier to get up and down but still walks like John Wayne after a long trail ride.

One of her favorite things to do is take short strolls around our neighborhood. We call it the beagle two step. “Step, step, sniff, step, step, sniff” Some of her parts might not be working as well as they used to but her nose works just fine! She loves to watch people. If she sees the mailman, she stops to watch him deliver the mail. She loves to watch our neighbor putter in his yard or the children at the bus stop near our house. I have no idea what she is thinking. She just puts on the brakes and watches. As you can imagine we don’t go very far very fast!

She makes us laugh every day. We have a much smaller ODH foster. We often find Gracie Rose wedged in Izzy’s bed. She is determined to fit!

My husband calls her our little cuckoo clock. She will poke her head halfway through the dog door and just stand there. She enjoys watching the birds in the feeder or my husband mowing the backyard. She doesn’t like getting wet. She will poke her head out the smaller door to check the weather before venturing out through a separate exit that is just her size. Because of her decreased mobility Gracie Rose is not able to use her legs to scratch herself. She will head bump our hands followed by a deep sigh and a snort. We know this means she is ready for a nose to tail body rub. She leans in to make sure we don’t miss a spot.

Recently she was diagnosed with kidney disease. Because of the continued care provided by ODH, we were able to catch it early. After multiple vet visits and testing we were able to find a treatment. With regular monitoring her kidney disease is now under control.

Thanks to your support Gracie Rose will continue to receive the care she needs and deserves. She will spend the rest of her days entertaining us with her antics and we in return will love and adore her in her golden years.

Update:  Sadly, Gracie Rose’s health declined and it was time to say goodbye.  She was a large and wonderful presence in her Final Refuge home and will be greatly missed.  Her family is very grateful to ODH donors for helping them care for this dear girl and and having her part of their family.

Relaxing at the beach

Those eyes! Time for scritches…

Seeing if it fits…

Yep, just right!

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