Sally became a “stray” at a VERY advanced age, matted so badly that she couldn’t bend her hocks and her front legs were “tied” to her back legs by huge long cords.     She is probably 10# thinner than she’d been – a great deal of loose skin – and her ears were infected.   Far worse were her eyes, with longterm “dry eye” damage to the corneas and serious glaucoma.   She has to have had a horrible migraine for a long time.

We had her mats – and all her hair! – shaved off, have been treating her eyes every 4 hours and treating ears and skin wounds from the mats.   We expect that we will have to remove one of her eyes to remove the pain but we are letting her adjust to her new home and friends and making her as comfortable as possible.  She loves being out in the (occasional) sun and is a great treat-hound, just a sweet sweet old lady.

Note: Cockers are such wonderful dogs and SO easily neglected.  Sally had a lovely fancy cocker cut, I’d guess 3 months past when she was due – and when they do the fancy cuts they get overgrown way more easily.    Someone had loved her, and something happened and she ended up on the street, in terrible shape.

Update:  This lovely girl only had five months with her Final Refuge family but she made every day count and was a joy and joyful sweet old lady.  She will be truly missed and we are grateful that she knew she was loved and cared for.

At the shelter….ready for her loving ODH Final Refuge home

Getting her much needed shave and a haircut!