Grady: This sweet miniature schnauzer was a stray that unfortunately had been hit by a car and after emergency help ended up in a shelter. Due to a possible seizure, it was deemed he was not adoptable and Old Dog Haven became involved. Grady came to us as we have had prior experience with this malady, which was good as he shortly after arrival had two grand mal seizures.

Due to the generosity of donors, he was seen by a specialist and his medicine has stopped any further seizures. On intake exam by our vet it was also found that he had a tumor on his pancreas. This unfortunately will shorten his lifespan but dear little Grady continues on as the old soul he is.

He loves chasing Frisbee and tennis balls. Adores his foster Dad and helps me in the kitchen by imploring with his deep brown eyes for me to drop the chicken to the floor. Silly dog.

He is a meeter and a greeter in the neighborhood and we are lucky to have him.


For almost eight months, our dear Grady fought the good fight until the cancer finally made it too difficult to continue. Someone asked me ‘why old dogs?’ Pups – their lives seem to stretch out forever but with old dogs, as soon as they arrive, the clock is ticking. If you’re lucky (and we have been each and every time), you will make it the best final time. And you will be blessed by their presence as long and as short it may be.

A big thanks to our vets Dr Le and Dr Hetrick for such compassionate care. And to Old Dog Haven for saving those wonderful dogs and providing their medical needs. If I could, I would shake the hands of each and every donor for their continued support. Without you, none of this would be possible. Thank you.