Granny is the first ODH dog for her Final Refuge mom. She had been turned into a shelter as a stray with her “sister” Shirley; the shelter contacted ODH who matched her up with this new foster mom. On her arrival she was underweight, recovering from kennel cough and a bladder infection, had fleas and tapeworms, a yeast infection on her skin and crusty ear infections in both ears. She was estimated to be 10 to 12 years old. She may be a beagle-cocker cross and weighed 26 pounds. ODH has paid for multiple vet visits and surgery to remove lumps and have her teeth cleaned and sent her to a dermatologist to deal with her skin and ear issues. She has been on a regimen of medicated shampoos and ear cleaners, a prescription hypoallergenic diet, antibiotic drops for her ears and antibiotic anti-itch spray for her skin. Four months later, she is a healthy 32 pounds, her hair is growing back, her ears are clear although she will always be deaf. She is on a duck and potato commercial diet. Thanks to all the effort, baths, treatments and medications administered by her ODH mom and supervision by her veterinarians, she feels SO much better!

Update:  Granny was in her Final Refuge home for two and a half years. Despite multiple health issues and several close calls, she was always a gentle, happy girl with impeccable manners. She tolerated the many medicated baths, ear drops and skin sprays with good grace. She had a bed in every room. She loved to rub her face in the plush throws that covered them and dig until she found just the right spot to settle in for a long nap. She had a safe home where she felt relaxed and had a person of her own. Old Dog Haven made it possible for her final years to be pain and stress free. Her foster mom will always feel privileged that their paths crossed.