Greta landed in the shelter as part of a cruelty/neglect confiscate when she was very very old and very frail.    After spending two full months in a “cell”, she joined our home and started wagging and smiling.    Her hip joints had completely dissolved so who knows how she could still motor around!   But she was determined, and that tail propelled her.    The old-age changes in her eyes and those flopping jowls gave away her really advanced age but she didn’t complain at all.

With lots of good care, meds and food she gained weight and became shiny (and hopefully a lot more comfortable).    She particularly loved snuggling with her friend, another chocolate lab, getting treats, sniffing around for bunnies in the field, and eating.  She’d never been spayed and stayed in season for 6 full weeks after coming to us – we have no idea how she handled that much stress on her system but she kept smiling.

We had only 3 months with Greta before her body just couldn’t go on any longer.   She was a special dog with a tremendous spirit – she deserved better but just kept telling us how happy she was.  Rest in peace Greta.

Greta (in back) with her friend Tammy