Inez had a microchip from a puppymill, calling her a bichon frise – clearly there was a dachshund loose somewhere in that henhouse…    She had the great woolly curly white coat and sunny disposition of a bichon, but the dachshund mouth (awful) and spine (disc disease in 4 places) and way of moving and a straight tail.

Mostly she was a fragile, sweet, kinda ditzy girl who most of all wanted to be cuddled up with another dog (a cat would do) or her human – or both at once was perfect.   She particularly gravitated to her bichon brother, with any other white dog being acceptable substitute.

Bursts of romping around the field could be thrown in too, with many wiggles when she caught up to someone who would pet her.

We said goodbye to this dear little thing after 3-1/2 years; she will always be in our hearts.     We loved her a lot.