Otis (the Odiferous)

Otis is a 15-year-old brindled coated miniature dachshund. This sweet but unsightly boy came to his final refuge home a little underweight, mostly hairless, and very stinky. Thankfully, doxies like to bury themselves, so the smell was somewhat tolerable to be around him while he was under the blankets. Otis was covered in “scales” from a skin infection and poor diet; he also had a severe double ear infection, infected teeth, poor eye sight and poor hearing. Old Dog Haven provided us with anti-fungal shampoo and lotion, ear and oral medications, along with chondroitin cookies (for painful, old joints), and flea medicine.

He looked so pathetic when he arrived at our home, but the look in his eyes when we met was like he knew he was home. Otis has responded very well to all his treatments and medications; he has grown much of his lost hair back and his ears are finally starting to clear up. Oh, and he certainly does not act like a 15-year-old dog! I watched in amazed horror as his bent little legs took him up the staircase and right down again like a puppy! Otis will soon start the process to get his mouth and teeth taken care of.

It gives our family great joy to have Otis in his last refuge home. Dachshunds are the world’s greatest “cuddle buddies” and Otis is no exception, nary a minute can go by after you sit down on the sofa that Otis isn’t there wanting up and if you have a blanket…so much the better. Otis gets along fine with Teddy the Yorkie in the house, although Ted has been somewhat ”de-throned” …he is coming around to the old dog who’s stealing his mom’s affections. We will continue to care for Otis, pamper him and love and care him until he passes on, he is one special wiener dog!

Update:  After a wonderful time in his Final Refuge home, his loving family had to say goodbye to dear Otis (who was very old now).  His kidneys suddenly shut down very suddenly.  He was well-spoiled and very much loved – and had 2 years in his home.  He will be greatly missed.